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‘This Brexit lie is uncovered by Lib Dem votes’

The Tories are already spinning this and claiming that their poor exhibiting is a transparent signal that the individuals simply need them to “get on and ship Brexit”.

But once more, they search to completely ignore the hundreds of thousands who really need them to cease Brexit and for the UK to stay as a member of the EU. However this time, this Brexit lie is uncovered due to the quantity of votes picked up by the Lib Dems.

The message to each the Tories and Labour is obvious. You’ve failed the individuals of this nation by focusing fully on hijacking the results of the referendum for private and political achieve. LesWilson

‘These councillors have didn’t oppose austerity’

It’s spin. The Brexit concern is an element, however then so is 9 years of austerity and the opposed results on numerous components of the nation.

The Tories clearly need us to miss this, claiming that “good hard-working native councillors have misplaced their seats as a result of one thing outdoors their management”. Garbage. These councillors have failed to face up for his or her localities, didn’t oppose austerity, and actually have actively campaigned nationally for the social gathering that has imposed austerity. And the voters is now expressing its view.

In fact, in an unusual political local weather, Labour can be successful seats. Frankly they don’t need to, and they’re additionally getting the outcomes they deserve. WestonTiger

‘It simply reveals how divided the nation is’

If the elections present that voters need ‘Brexit carried out’, why have Tories & Ukip carried out poorly, and the Lib Dems not? francobore

Good level. It simply reveals how divided the nation is and that voters are equally uncertain of what they need usually, though there are staunch pockets of depart and stay.

Nevertheless, the north and midlands, the place there are numerous key marginals, are essential to Labour gaining energy. Racking up votes in locations like London ain’t gonna do it. Labour’s downside is that they want these seats and if they arrive out as stay they aren’t going to get them – and Farage’s Brexit Social gathering will do sufficient harm to mainstream events to edge out Labour in the event that they declare for stay.

Guardian readers, who’re largely pro-Stay, will not be consultant of the previous post-industrial and mining cities, the place Brexit continues to be the successful coverage. Driscoll

‘Councils have been conscripted to do the dirtiest work austerity entails’

Nice to see the substantial positive factors made by the Greens – they usually have to be seen as substantial if Labour’s losses are seen as substantial, as they’re roughly commensurate.

As for these Labour losses, I wonder if a really massive a part of them may be defined by the social gathering’s incumbency within the metropolitan areas the place a lot of the losses have taken place. Councils throughout the nation have been conscripted to do the dirtiest work that austerity entails, and it stands to purpose that they’re being punished for that.

Somebody extra educated than me within the politics of native authorities throughout the nation may make a go of correlating the way in which that completely different Labour administrations have responded to the cuts and the various native outcomes. iruka

‘These are the voters who will decide the political future’

The individuals who turned out yesterday will not be the “as soon as in a blue mooners” who turned out as a result of somebody tickled their Brexit button in 2016. They had been the common voters, the voters who will decide the political futures of events in lots of a normal election.

So, unhealthy information for each most important events. The message is obvious: the remain-favouring events cleaned up. The Brexit panderers took a kicking – particularly Ukip, by the seems to be of it. There’s an over-rich irony that essentially the most socialist of Labour hopefuls may have turned so many socialists like myself into potential Lib Dem voters, regardless of the actual fact I blame the LDP for a lot of the mess we at the moment are in. British politics: a selection betwixt the lesser of a number of practice wrecks. LucInTen

‘There a number of quiet stay voters on the market’

It’s clear that the 2 pro-remain events – the Lib-Dems and Greens – have carried out very effectively regardless of minimal media protection.

My take is that there are a number of quiet stay voters on the market and we really feel we’re not being represented by the primary events who’ve arrogantly assumed that the 52% vote for Brexit equals an amazing, set-in-stone majority.

Labour has misplaced seats in locations like Sunderland and Hartlepool to stay events. On condition that these areas voted closely for Brexit, maybe the pro-Brexit working-class vote within the north was extra of an anti-Tory/anti-austerity/anti-Cameron knee-jerk protest than a mirrored image of the need to depart the EU. Addicks123

‘This can be a tendency we’re seeing internationally’

This is identical tendency we’re seeing throughout Europe and the world – a rejection of mainstream events who’ve held energy for years.

If the UK didn’t have first previous the publish, which “protects” the large main events, then this most likely would have been seen on the final normal election. This doesn’t all come right down to how badly each Labour and Conservatives have dealt with Brexit. Each events have failed on many different points. Galveston

‘If Labour calculates remainers ought to again them, they’ve miscalculated’

I voted Inexperienced for the primary time; they had been the one non-Brexit social gathering on my voting slip and, regardless of studying all I may about Labour (my common vote), I used to be not intelligent sufficient to grasp why they might count on a remainer to vote for a Brexit social gathering.

If my present Labour councillor loses their seat, it would probably go Tory and I can be even angrier that Labour continues to facilitate Tory tyranny. If Labour calculates that remainers ought to again them – regardless of being a Brexit social gathering – merely to beat the Tories, they’ve miscalculated dramatically and the implications will lay squarely with them. DaveCP

‘I voted for events aside from Labour for the primary time ever’

For the primary time ever yesterday, I voted for events aside from Labour (Lib Dem and Greens). I’m a former Labour social gathering member and a traditional middle-class Labour voter. However I cannot be voting for them for the foreseeable future, quite, I can be voting for centre events with a transparent public vote or stay coverage. If Labour helps the Tories to get Brexit by way of, I’ll by no means vote for them once more.

Judging by final night time’s outcomes, I’d say there are many individuals who share my view. Galveston

‘I voted Lib Dem as a result of there weren’t any Inexperienced candidates in my space’

I voted Lib Dem as a result of there weren’t any Inexperienced candidates in my native space, although the Somerset Ranges will disappear with rising sea ranges over the subsequent 100 years or require colossal expenditure on sea defences.

The timing of the sacking of Gavin Williamson appears to have coincided very neatly with what would in any other case have been the dominant information story – the Local weather Change Emergency debate in Parliament, the place the Labour movement handed with out a vote and the report from the Commons Committee on Local weather Change that proposes a zero carbon UK by 2050. solarevolution

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